Instruction books

For machines produced during or after 2005, our instruction books are placed at Agroparts
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You can also find HARDI spare Parts Catalogue at Agroparts 

For older HARDI machines (before 2005) you can find instruction books below
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Title Filename Extension Size
673752_MA-HYB-F.pdf 673752_MA-HYB-F.pdf pdf 2,411.64 KB
673754_MA-HYB-E.pdf 673754_MA-HYB-E.pdf pdf 2,196.17 KB
673756_MA_HYB_S.pdf 673756_MA_HYB_S.pdf pdf 1,816.41 KB
673758_MA-HYB-FIN.pdf 673758_MA-HYB-FIN.pdf pdf 2,421.37 KB
673762_MA-HYB-I.pdf 673762_MA-HYB-I.pdf pdf 2,418.28 KB
673768_MA_HFA_HFY_GB.pdf 673768_MA_HFA_HFY_GB.pdf pdf 2,495.49 KB
673772_MA_HFA_HFY_D.pdf 673772_MA_HFA_HFY_D.pdf pdf 3,303.36 KB
673774.pdf 673774.pdf pdf 2,874.78 KB
673805_TRX_Instruktionsbog_-_DK.pdf 673805_TRX_Instruktionsbog_-_DK.pdf pdf 4,951.37 KB
673827_HARDI_TRX_-_GB.pdf 673827_HARDI_TRX_-_GB.pdf pdf 1,533.48 KB
673939_Front_Tank__Multi.pdf 673939_Front_Tank__Multi.pdf pdf 1,463.59 KB
674052_Multi_92_05.pdf 674052_Multi_92_05.pdf pdf 890.47 KB
674083_NK_VARIANT_FIN.pdf 674083_NK_VARIANT_FIN.pdf pdf 5,249.04 KB
674084_NK_Variant_GB.pdf 674084_NK_Variant_GB.pdf pdf 4,862.98 KB
674087_LB_TB_GB.pdf 674087_LB_TB_GB.pdf pdf 751.72 KB
674089_LB_TB_E_96_05.pdf 674089_LB_TB_E_96_05.pdf pdf 1,499.27 KB
674097_JAZZ-GB.pdf 674097_JAZZ-GB.pdf pdf 3,315.69 KB
674101_CONDOR_GB.pdf 674101_CONDOR_GB.pdf pdf 4,285.68 KB
674103.pdf 674103.pdf pdf 4,813.27 KB
674111_MANX_GB.pdf 674111_MANX_GB.pdf pdf 4,552.88 KB