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AutoTerrain reduces spray drift

17 April 2013

For best spraying performance 110° nozzles should be operated between 35 and 50cm above the spray target. The text book optimum is 50cm which allows for some boom movement.

In reality most wide booms are being run much higher naturally to keep them out of harm’s way. However, when this is done spray drift is the unfortunate consequence.

AutoTerrain is an optional HARDI drift reducing technology integrated in the TERAFORCE boom available on COMMANDER and SARITOR sprayers.  AutoTerrain sets new standards in wide boom performance by maintaining a lower boom height and providing better spray drift control.


The pre-emptive benefit of AutoTerrain is due to the ‘computer stability control systems’ monitoring the relationship of the boom to chassis through roll sensors. It corrects the booms position relative to the ground contour by rotating it the through the centre pendulum. AutoTerrain works in the background keeping the boom where it needs to be.

AutoTerrain maintains the set boom height following the ground like a magnet regardless of the terrain it travels across.  This solution is gaining a lot of acceptance in broad-acre circles. 




The benefits are many, some direct because of the application benefits and some indirect because of the reduced risks:

  • Better boom stability
  • Constant uniform boom height
  • Lower boom height
  • Better drift control
  • Minimise risk of boom damage
  • Reduces down time due to breakage
  • Less dependence on the operator control
  • Cuts operator fatigue
  • Greater productivity
  • Less wear and tear


Stability is the essence of a good boom and the single most important criteria for a good spray job. Keeping the nozzle at a constant, uniform height above the target is what spraying is all about. Unfortunately, as booms get wider they get heavier, more reactive and harder to control.

AutoTerrain is a proactive stability & auto height control system that deals with the cause of boom movement. It arrests the tendency for the boom to follow the sprayer through undulations, corners and headlands by providing independent correction.

AutoTerrain maintains the correct boom height independently of the sprayer chassis movement, and enhances the operator control over the accuracy of the spray job.  Staying on line in variable conditions, negotiation obstacles and headlands as well as managing the correct boom height tests the best operators. 

The system uses highly tuned and calibrated proportional hydraulics to control the main lift, wing tilt and centre roll functions. The computer seamlessly monitors roll and height sensors 10 times every second detecting change and invoking simultaneous correction.

AutoTerrain reduces spray drift by maintaining a constant spray height, increasing wide boom performance and prevents boom ground strikes.


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